Anna Netrebko Will Lead Gran Teatre del Liceu 175th Anniversary Concert

Determined to celebrate its 175th anniversary in spectacular style, the Gran Teatre del Liceu has organized a veritable gala performance in which Anna Netrebko and Joseph Calleja will play the leading roles in three complete acts from different operas. Thus we will see Netrebko as Mimì, Tosca and Turandot on a single, very special evening.

This threefold challenge involves embodying three very different heroines: the innocent and fragile Mimì, who is doomed to die, the cold, enigmatic Turandot, and the jealous and resolute but also vulnerable Floria Tosca.  

Moreover each work is set in a different city (Paris, Rome and Beijing), so we will also embark on a thrilling journey as we watch our prima donna breathe life into these three fascinating women whom Puccini bequeathed to the history of opera.

Anna Netrebko will take possession of the stage to demonstrate the superb artistry that underlies her brilliant career. By immersing herself in three different roles, she will have the opportunity to dazzle us with the multiple shades and depths of her voice and her ability to convey changes in personality and expression, from lyrical tenderness and elegant phrasing to fiery passion. This concert, on a par with the brilliance of Anna Netrebko herself, is a 175th birthday treat for our audience.