Donetsk Regional Drama Theatre Used As Civilian Shelter Destroyed By Russian Bombing

Russia continued its attacks on Ukrainian cities including Kyiv, Mykolaiv and Mariupol on Wednesday. The Mariupol city government has confirmed that the Donetsk Regional Drama Theatre, which was being used as a civilian shelter, was destroyed by Russian bombing.

Per the city council, many people were thought to be hiding inside when the bombing took place, and the casualty count is currently unknown - though thousands of people have been sheltering there.

In a message, the council said that Russia "purposefully and cynically destroyed the Drama Theater in the heart of Mariupol. The plane dropped a bomb on a building where hundreds of peaceful Mariupol residents were hiding."

The theatre has a long history in Mariupol, tracing its roots back to one of the first theatrical troops recorded in the area in 1847. The theatre company celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1978. The current re-constructed building opened in 1960.