Finland's Oldest Theatre, Åbo Svenska Teater, Goes Virtual

-We have been dreaming of making a virtual performance of the theater house for a long time. Our guided tours are hugely popular, and now that we haven't been able to accommodate groups during a pandemic, it feels especially important to be able to publish a virtual tour available to everyone now, says Niina Renström, Marketing Manager at Åbo Svenska Theater.

- Not many theaters in Finland have virtual presentations yet, and this is also the first virtual presentation of any property they own, the owner of Åbo Svenska Theater, the Stiftelsen för Åbo Akademi University (Åbo Akademi University Foundation). The theatre's investment in this product is, to the greatest extent possible, a cultural act, says Maria Olin, the theatre's spokesperson.

Finland's oldest theater building is in a way a living museum and a great piece of Finnish theater history, and that's why it should be accessible to as many people as possible, Olin continues.

The presentation was carried out by the Turku-based company Media A1 Oy. According to Mika Kurkilahti, there are many unique sections in this recent virtual presentation.

Here are the so-called video immersions in a few views. The video immersions include two actors Daniela Franzell and Jerry Wahlforss from the theater's own ensemble, and great material was created with them. For example, the scenes of the theater's own ghost, Vita Damen, are best remembered. It was also possible to make a scene where the viewer seems to be involved in the middle of the drills. The work has been fun, interesting and inspiring, says Mika Kurkilahti, Artistic Director of Media A1 Oy.

All the departments and facilities of the theater are included in the presentation in three languages a??a??(Swedish, Finnish, English) and there are a total of eighteen views. The viewer can admire the details of the theater hall's ceiling painting, peek into the sewing shop, the make-up department and the backstage workshop. The viewer also gets a ride on the rotating wheel stage and can lift the main stage's unique, beautiful, painted curtain.