How Ascend Music Is Helping Independent Artists Reach New Heights

The number of independent artists in the music world is growing. With the help of streaming services like Soundcloud and Spotify, it's never been easier to upload and share music from any corner of the globe. However, even if you're fortunate enough to be discovered by someone who shares your songs on social media or a popular blog site, there are still many other barriers that keep independent artists from making a living from their music. This is where Ascend Music can step in as a capable partner.

Ascend Music is a subsidiary of Ascend Agency, a Public Relations firm that focuses on building brands and telling their stories. As a full-service agency, they provide services like branding, distribution, and even creative direction for any project requiring it. With over a decade of experience, Ascend Agency understands the inherent challenges in the music industry, which is why they have branched out with their services and created Ascend Music, where they aim to provide each artist they work with the tools required to reach a wider audience.

Ascend Music has seen its artists featured on editorial playlists on Spotify, Apple, and SoundCloud. By being featured on curated and popular playlists, these clients increase their visibility and reach. Especially for new artists, this can be the launch pad they need that could lead to collaborations, partnerships, or a deal with a record label.

With over a decade of marketing and branding experience, Ascend offers clients customized service plans so they can tailor their marketing packages to suit their needs. For example, one client might need more of a social media presence, whereas another may need more time spent on YouTube marketing or increasing their Spotify audience. By working with their clients, they can provide guidance and advice on everything from developing an artist's online presence to social media engagement.

With playlist marketing and charting services, an artist can find themselves, in time, garnering more streams of their music, be it music videos or their tracks, on streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube. This, in turn, will lead to their fan base growing.

Ascend Music has helped numerous independent artists get their careers off the ground. "Our goal is to level the playing field for independent artists and give them the same opportunities as those signed to major labels," says Brauch Owens, the Head of Music at Ascend.

As social media and storytelling are such vital components of getting yourself out there in today's digital world, "partnering with an agency can alleviate some of the burden while you focus on creating" says CEO Jonathan Jadali. In a constantly-evolving industry, Ascend Music provides a valuable service to independent artists. By helping them reach a wider audience and increase their visibility, they are giving these artists a chance to succeed and make their mark on the music world.