NO PLACE TO GO, SHEAR MADNESS & More Lead Washington DC's October Top 10

Washington, DC is never lacking outstanding theatre, whether epic Broadway shows, engrossing dramas or bold fringe offerings. BroadwayWorld is rounding up our top recommended theatre every month. This month's picks include No Place To Go, Shear Madness, The Good Doctor and more!

No Place to Go

Signature Theatre - August 16, 2022 through October 09, 2022

Bobby Smith stars in this musical ode to the unemployed with an enterprising twist.A dedicated corporate information refiner has learned that his company is moving to a cheaper, but very (very) remote, location and taking the jobs with it. Backed by a jazz band, this permanent part-timer must decide whether to go and uproot his familys life or embark on an unknown venture.Sardonic wit merges with clever jazz, blues and bluegrass music for an irreverent capitalist critique of the personal cost of doing business.Immensely appealing music, jokes and personal narrative [are] tightly knitted together into one consistent human package. The New York Times

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Shear Madness

Kennedy Center - October 04, 2022 through June 30, 2025

Figure out whodunit at this wildly popular record-breaking comedy. Audiences all over the world have spotted the clues and questioned the suspects amid much hilarity. But dont be surprised if you think youve cracked the case... Shear Madness is different every night, so audiences keep coming back for more! The fun bubbles up at the Kennedy Center where shrieks of laughter rock the halls. The Huffington Post says Shear Madness is downright hilarious. It would be madness to miss it!

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La llamada de Sylvia Méndez: Separate is Never Equal

GALA Hispanic Theatre - October 11, 2022 through October 22, 2022

By Cornelia CodyDirected by Elena VelascoBilingualCan an eight-year-old girl make a difference? Learn how at that age Sylvia Mndez became the face of the landmark case to desegregate California schools to Latinx children in the 1940s and inspired people of all ages to fight for change. La llamada de Sylvia Mndez mixes powerful poetry, charming music, and a moving story in a testament to integrity, inclusion, and friendship.

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The Good Doctor

Washington Stage Guild - September 30, 2022 through October 23, 2022

Directed by Laura Giannarelli, featuring Lynn Steinmetz

Before he turned to the stage, Chekhov wrote some of the world's greatest short stories. By turns touching and hilarious, they've been adapted for the theatre by the master of comic dialogue Neil Simon. A Broadway hit in 1973.

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Arena Stage - Now through November 06, 2022

An up-and-coming Wall Street lawyer from a working-class family aspires to quit and enjoy life once hes made enough money, a prospect that doesnt thrill his wealthy, well-born fiance but excites her more unconventional sister. Can his dreams survive his soon-to-be brides narrow view of affluence? Opposing societal hierarchies and differing views of success confront each other in this timely commentary on how to pursue a life worth living. This classic romantic comedy set in the 1920s became a beloved 1938 film starring Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn.

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My Body No Choice

Arena Stage - October 20, 2022 through November 06, 2022

In My Body No Choice, Molly Smiths final directorial venture for Arena Stage, eight of Americas most exciting female playwrights share what choice means to them, through the telling of fiction and non-fiction stories rooted in personal experience; theirs or a friends. Because this is a time when women need to tell their stories.

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Einsteins Wife

ExPats Theatre - September 23, 2022 through October 16, 2022

Einsteins theory of relativity rocked the scientific world and his name has become a synonym for genius. Lesser known, though, is the story of Mileva Mari, the gifted mathematician from a small town in Austro-Hungary and the only female student in Einsteins class at the Swiss Polytechnic School in Zurich who later became his first wife. As recent personal correspondence suggests, this extraordinary female scientist contributed to Einsteins groundbreaking theory, yet remained virtually unknown until personal letters hidden for decades were released in recent years. In our gripping production, Einstein's Wife presents an intriguing story of the couples tumultuous relationship and Maris struggles as a female scientist. What started as a scientific team eventually was derailed by motherhood and a world not prepared for womens professional achievements. The playwright delves into their personal and professional relationships and tells the tale of a gifted woman living in the shadow of a brilliant man. It features Cecelia Auerswald as Mileva and Sasha Olinick as Albert and runs for 80 minutes with no intermission.

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My Calamitous Affair With The Minister of Culture & Censorship or Death of the Dialogic in the American Theater

The Corner at Whitman-Walker - September 29, 2022 through October 23, 2022

This theatrical chronicle of a cross-cultural crack-up begins with a brand new Executive Director and her former boss returning to the scene of a rehearsal room revolt that set the stage for an Artistic Director's departure from the theater he launched with high purpose and blind spots. Restorative Justice is on the agenda but hard to find, as the company re-unites and a fictionalized, right-wing Israeli Cabinet Minister materializes uninvited to spar with Eilat and Samad, Israeli and Palestinian theater artists/activists, while their American hosts, Virginia and the unnamed AD, get caught in the middle, navigating treacherous terrain. They try to mend the unmendable, in a journey of personal loss and learning, reckoning and renewal, push-back, contrition, boycotts and cancel culture - on both sides - all hanging in precarious balance.

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Dance Nation

Olney Theatre Center - September 28, 2022 through October 30, 2022

The pre-teen dance team from Liverpool, Ohio is primed for competition, but in Clare Barrons explosive script the stakes are much higher than just a first place trophy. Lives are at stake, future happiness lays in the balance, emerging sexuality strikes with the power of a thousand lightning bolts, and every interaction in the tight-knit group is suffused with threat, risk, and the urgency of adolescence. Adult actors of all ages portray the girls (and one boy) amidst their tween confusion and as their future adult-selves in a dream play with moments of true terror, complete with fangs, blood, and wild, stylized, dance.Featuring Shubhangi Kuchibhotla, Megan Graves, and Tracy Lynn Olivera.Content Advisory: strong language, sexual content.

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Synetic Theater - October 13, 2022 through November 06, 2022

Blood-sucking temptresses, creeping mists, and a chill up your spine . . . Bram Stokers classic tale rises again in Synetics bold and bloody adaptation of the worlds most iconic horror story. This sensuous and terrifying thriller arrives just in time for Halloween.

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