THE BROTHERS SIZE, DAMES AT SEA & More Lead Philadelphia's September Theater Top 10

Philadelphia is never lacking outstanding theatre, whether epic Broadway shows, engrossing dramas or bold fringe offerings. BroadwayWorld is rounding up our top recommended theatre every month. Coming up in September are The Brothers Size, Dames at Sea, and more!

The Brothers Size

South Camden Theatre Company - September 09, 2022 through September 25, 2022

An absorbing and emotionally resonant drama The New York TimesFrom Academy Award-winner Tarell Alvin McCraneys acclaimed The Brother/Sister Plays, The Brothers Size opens on our stage this coming September 2022! In this fierce and honest look at the complex bonds of brotherhood, McCraney weaves together poetry, music, and Yoruba mythology to magnify the tug-of-war between freedom and the need to belong somewhere, to something, to someone. Those prison walls extend far beyond prison gates, destroying families, infecting dreams, and mocking what hope is left after time served. In the Louisiana Bayou, brothers by blood and mythic circumstance struggle to find a connection in the wake of incarceration. With a love that is abundant and complex, beautiful and dangerous, they navigate a road where those prison gates remain, always, in their rear view. They find themselves at a crossroads where fate, hope, and desperation collide. This is where their love for each other must redefine what it means to be free. The Brothers Size sings the ancient bond of brotherhood.Tarell Alvin McCraney is an acclaimed playwright and screenwriter. His script In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue is the basis for the Oscar-winning film Moonlight directed by Barry Jenkins, for which McCraney and Jenkins won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.The writing has freshness, clarity, and vitality

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Dames at Sea

Bucks County Playhouse - August 12, 2022 through September 11, 2022

In the tradition of 42nd Street, Dames at Sea is a tap-happy stage musical that will lift your spirits! Ruby steps off a bus from Utah and into her first Broadway show, but hours before the opening night curtain is to rise, the cast learns their theater is being demolished. So Ruby and the cast, with the help of some adoring sailors, come up with an ingenious plan to ensure that the show goes on!

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Second Stage at the Adrienne - September 15, 2022 through September 24, 2022

A forgotten Founding Father, a black Union soldier, and a modern-day campus trapped between precedent and progress. How does the telling of our history change it or change us? A triptych set in the crucible of the American South, Effigy explores our fractured legacy of riot, race, and revolution. Playwright Laura Anthonys natural, overlapping dialogue shifts seamlessly through the stories of an overlooked revolutionary, a wounded Union soldier, and a university classroom overshadowed by the American legacy of racism. With an ensemble of seven actors, Anthony offers audiences an intimate window into these three indelibly linked moments in time.Following its sold-out NYC premiere, Effigy returns to the place it was first conceived: Philadelphia, the heart of the American Revolution.

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Ephrata Performing Arts Center - September 08, 2022 through September 17, 2022

In 1781, Antonio Salieri finds himself in a position of fame and high esteem, composing music in the name of God, until he hears a name that will come to haunt him and his career - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart, a crude young man and the antithesis of high society, proves that his musical prowess is indeed as mythic as it is said to be, and Salieri must combat the possibility of dwindling notoriety. A story of faith, jealousy, genius, and revenge, Amadeus proves to be an exciting journey through one of music's greatest rivalries.

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Academy of Music - September 23, 2022 through October 02, 2022

Rossini's rarely performed version of Shakespeare's tragedy comes to Opera Philadelphia for the first time in a critically acclaimed production by Spanish director Emilio Sagi (Tancredi 2017). Set in the 1920s, with elegant costumes and scenery evocative of the gilded world of Downton Abbey, Sagi's production puts a unique focus on the character of Desdemona, a woman whose acts of both rebellion and loyalty position her as more than just a symbol of lost innocence, but as the moral center of a changing world.As in Shakespeare's play, Desdemona defies her father, Elmiro, and marries his enemy Otello rather than the nobleman Rodrigo. Their love is undone by the vengeful Iago, who is also in love with Desdemona and plots to convince Otello that his wife has been unfaithful.

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Dance Nation

Temple Theaters - September 22, 2022 through October 02, 2022

Somewhere in middle America, an army of preteen competitive dancers plots to take the dance world by storm, by any means necessary. If their new routine is good enough, they'll claw their way to the top and win Nationals in Tampa Bay. Clare Barron's DANCE NATION, directed by Suli Holum, is a satirical dark comedy about the ignition of adolescence and the chaos it injects into all life as we know it. Content Advisory: DANCE NATION includes strong language, characters engaged in self-touch, characters in various states of undress, and graphic discussion of genitalia and bodies. It also includes discussions of rape and suicide.

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Herman's Hermits starring Peter Noone

Bristol Riverside Theatre - September 09, 2022 through September 10, 2022

Legendary 60s pop band Hermans Hermits, starring Peter Noone, comes to the William Penn Bank Summer Music Fest with all his hits!

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Forge Theatre - September 09, 2022 through October 02, 2022

Xanadu follows the journey of a magical and beautiful Greek muse, Kira, who descends from the heavens of Mount Olympus to Venice Beach, California in 1980 on a quest to inspire a struggling artist, Sonny, to achieve the greatest artistic creation of all time the first ROLLER DISCO! But, when Kira falls into forbidden love with the mortal Sonny, her jealous sisters take advantage of the situation, and chaos abounds. Based on the Universal Pictures cult classic movie, Xanadu is hilarity on wheels for adults, children and anyone who has ever wanted to feel inspired.

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A Leg Up

Bristol Riverside Theatre - September 20, 2022 through October 09, 2022

A world premiere comedy for the 21st century!Charles family money is gone, and his rich wife wants a divorce. His future rests on the new XR3000, an intelligent prosthetic leg designed for the US senator who is running for president. Unfortunately, the leg is malfunctioning. Designed to interact with the conscious mind, instead its interacting with the subconscious, randomly kicking people it doesnt like and playing footsie with those it does. Meanwhile, Charles Ukrainian maid is threatening to quit, his gold-digging mistress announces shes pregnant, his business partner has her eye on his wife, the Senator is secretly having an affair with the leg designer, and its not even lunchtime yet.

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Quadramics Theatre Company - October 24, 2019 through October 26, 2019

This Pulitzer Prize-winning play set in Hyde Park tells the tale of genius mathematician and University of Chicago professor Robert, who is struggling with mental illness, leaving his fiercely brilliant yet emotionally fragile daughter Catherine to pick up the pieces of her life. Caught between a new-found connection with one of Robert's former students and the reappearance of her sister, Claire, Catherine's world becomes increasingly unstable. As she struggles to find herself amid her father's world of tantalizing secrets and hidden complexities, she is forced to face the possibility of inheriting both her father's creative genius and his terrifying mental illness.

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